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Lucrative Import Export Business Idea

What Are Some Of The Most Lucrative Import Export Business Idea In India

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  • Harshad Desai

Most the business concerns set their goal of building brand recognition and scaling their business. The reason is straightforward—this motto focuses on boosting the revenue and enjoying perpetual profit expansion. A business concern in India possesses multiple benefits concerning business and finance. One of these benefits is the simplicity and ease of exporting items.

The production cost reduction is vital for running an export-import business successfully in India. Along with it, targeting the best international markets is also essential. But many newly emerged export-import companies get confused about what to export. Along with goods to export and import, they also are unaware of profit expectations. Here we will discuss the basic requirements for planning and conducting a successful export-import business. As a new payer in this field, one must know some feasible business ideas. Also, we would discuss other essential information necessary for an export-import business.

Profitability of Export Business Idea in India

An export business comes with a handsome revenue figure. All you need to do is conduct the business intelligently and perfectly. At present, the export industry has thrived big time. This has eventually opened a broad avenue with a number of opportunities. Most newly emerged export-import businesses report success and growth. This feature attracts many aspirants to become a player in this field. Yet conducting business in this area requires specialized knowledge and a clear idea about specific facts. As a whole, establishing an export-import business in India has a bright future and prospects.

Some Wise Export-Import Business Ideas

Many business consultants and experts can give you various ideas about the export-import business. But the application and attitude towards the company require special training. Without a proper lookout and planning, an export-import business can be fatal. More than thinking about the right business idea, choosing the one that suits your profile is very important. Before going for any business idea, you must go through several other factors. These factors include the required investing capital, warehouse availability, logistics, targeted market, taxes, etc. Following are some business ideas we have discussed, keeping these points in mind.

Ideas for Exporting Business

There are multiple items which you can choose and enjoy a generous profit. But it is crucial to opt for an idea within your reach. It is wise and recommended to go for something which will not require much effort. This would make your work simple and help satisfy the customers efficiently.

  • Clothing: Choosing clothing as an item for export is quite good. In India, clothing as an export item is highly profitable. The export merchants who deal in clothing report profitability and growth. In India, textiles and apparel production occurs in a wide range and large quantities.
    • The main reason for this is the production of several fibers on a large scale.
    • The cost of production and manufacturing in India is also meager.
    • Not only this, the labor costs are highly reasonable in our country.
    • Another contributing factor is the availability of raw materials in India.
    • As the record goes exporting textiles earns about 12% of export revenue in India.

Along with the well-developed production houses, exporting clothing textiles is highly successful. The demand and ever-evolving style factors make this export item successful.

  • Mineral Fuels: Mineral fuels can be a good export if you have a sizeable investment. With considerable capital investment, and export business can grab the best opportunities.
    • A country like India is rich in mineral content.
    • Also, some of these minerals are pretty valuable and demanded in other countries. Hence exporting minerals beyond the national boundaries is highly profitable.
    • Coal, among all the minerals, comes with an added advantage. The cost of coal in India is significantly low than in other countries. Hence the profitability of this mineral is enormous.

Besides coal, there are several options to export from the mineral fuel field. For example, iron ore, manganese ore, limestone, mica, etc., are prominent options. The demand for these minerals is never-ending and therefore termed an infinity market.

  • Raw Ingredients: Raw ingredients are an endless exporting option as well. Agricultural ingredients have always played an essential role in supporting the Indian economy. Sugarcane and paddy are the two most important examples of crops. These crops are available in abundance in India. The main reason is the appropriate climate prevailing in our country. This uniform climate mainly does not exist in other countries. Therefore, the demand for these crops is always present beyond national boundaries. As a result, these countries import these crops from countries like India. This takes India in an advantageous position in exporting raw ingredients. Also, the government of India allows several concessions these exporters can enjoy.
  • Pharmaceuticals: The need and requirements of pharmaceuticals are unmatched by other commodities. As per the pandemic situation, pharmaceutical demand has increased more than ever. This scenario has helped our country to help many other nations with our pharmaceutical resources. Besides the recent pandemic, India also sources medicines for several other diseases. Many countries do not possess proper domestic medicinal arrangements. Therefore the demand for pharmaceutical supplies from overseas always shows a steep slope. Hence, pharmaceuticals can be quite a successful idea for export business. This business idea can bring immense profit if you plan accordingly and hit the right market.
  • Leather Products: Leather is another perfect export option in India. Any newly emerged export business can easily opt for leather as an idea. The use of leather products in manufacturing several items is in practice. Therefore the need for leather will never reduce and become extinct. Many exporting companies have claimed success and prospects with leather export.

Ideas for Import Business

Many business concerns all over the world consider India as a flourishing market. Our country provides a great marketplace for a wide range of overseas products. These goods are sellable at quite a profitable price in India than in the land of origin. Some most profitable import items in India are as follow:

  • Vegetable Oil: The production of every vegetable oil available in the Indian market is not here. Most demands for vegetable oil are met by depending on several foreign manufacturers. This is mainly because some vegetable oils incur a massive cost of production in India than in other countries. Hence it comes with many opportunities to import vegetable oils from a foreign country. Importing vegetable oil from outside and selling it in the local market requires little investment. Many sellers distribute the imported vegetable oils through retail stores and e-commerce sites.
  • Medicinal Supplies: previously, we discussed pharmaceutical supplies as export items. But the medicinal supplies are also an excellent opportunity for importing. In India, medicinal supplies are one of the most versatile business options for import-export. Proper planning is essential in this case. A survey of the available medicines in India will tell you what we are short of. Accordingly, you can import that pharmaceutical resource from a producing country.
  • Heavy Machinery: Different construction sites and heavy machinery depend on seven. Without the machinery setup, these factories cannot perform properly. Importing the heavy machinery in this scenario is very profitable. In India, importing heavy machinery is one of the top business ideas. In sectors like construction, liquidity is quite strong. This leads to perpetual growth and prospect in this business. As a newly emerging import company, you will not face trouble moving forward with the business.


The opportunities in the import export business in India are tremendous. You have to have a decent idea and plan for where and what to start with. Commencing a business in import-export requires resources, dedication, and courage. Planning is the most important aspect out of all these. Several consultants in India can help you in the import export business.


What is India’s best export business?

There are several ideal options for conducting an export business. Options like medicinal supplies, raw ingredients, minerals fuels, clothing, etc., can be the best export business in India.

Considering the current market scenario, what are some best import business ideas?

The market scenario is always dynamic. Considering the present whereabouts of the market, automobile parts, pharma, vegetable oils, leather products, etc., are excellent choices.

What is the profitability of the export-import business in India?

The profitability of the export-import business in India is relatively high. But the most crucial aspect is to plan appropriately before commencement. Without some intelligent plan and moves, the company can suffer immense loss.

How to plan raw ingredients for the export business?

While planning for the export business with raw ingredients, choosing the suitable ingredient is essential. Going for an ingredient with a more extended shelf is always better for exporting goods. This is very important for retaining the right state of the goods during shipment. Several countries possess different rules for storing and shipping, which might take longer than usual. Hence protecting the interests from rodents, mites, bugs, etc., is required. The quality control norms in different countries vary from each other. Taking care of these federal regulations is also essential for raw ingredients.

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